My dad introduced me into the world of tattooing. He saw potential in my drawing skills and set up a meeting with a friend of his, one of the pioneers in Ghent, Miele. Who thought me how to make my own needles and work with tattoo devices. When I had a grasp of it, I did my first tattoo “sweatin’ bullets” on my dad. And Miele gave me the opportunity to work and learn at his shop in Antwerp. After a year though, I shifted my focus to my studies Social Practice.

But a move to Italy in 2003 brought me back to tattooing. At Franks Tattoo in Catania (Sicily) I went on learning as an “all rounder” and got faster by time. My love for oriental tattooing started here and I challenged myself by making my own versions of Japanese designs.

Three years later, back in Belgium, I started working at Wildcat in Antwerp. Where I found a better balance between flash and custom work and information talks. As Wildcat closed its doors in 2011, I found a new workplace at Kingpin in Bruges.

September 2012, I may proudly say that my very own tattoo parlor “Inkglorious” opened its doors.

Contact me:


Burgemeester Jos Chalmetlaan 167,
9060 Zelzate

+32 9 287 03 04

Open every day from 14h-19h.
Closed on Wednesday & Sunday.